About Us

Mission Statement

Moist Monday believes very strongly that all days have the potential to be moist. Our unwavering and steadfast commitment to moistness, irrespective of the day, week, or month, has been our guiding principal in our search for likeminded investors who also wish to spread our moist vision across the world.


Rob – CEA (Chief of Eating Ass)

Rob is an individual that everyone must get to know on a personal and professional basis. His knowledge base stems back to his experience working with his family business and into the insurance world with years of experience. A trusted individual in his field and is extremely successful within the industry. I highly recommend people connect with Rob to discuss business matters, as well as networking. I have attended many of Rob’s North Shore Business Networking Events and have gained great contacts from both Rob and his events.



Wes – CMO (Chief Moist Officer) 

Wes drinks scotch and gets moist.


Tom – General Counsel

I am a recent graduate of Saint Anselm College, a nationally ranked Benedictine Liberal Arts College in Manchester, NH. I received a Bachelor of Arts Degree cum laude, in Criminal Justice with a Minor In History. Along with my major and minor, I have successfully completed Saint Anselm’s widely renowned Humanities program, where I have taken courses in philosophy, theology, writing, and critical thinking. I am currently enrolled as a third year student at Suffolk University Law School in Boston, Massachusetts. 


Ryan – CTO

Ryan is an American former  football  player, coach, and television commentator. A member of both the  College Football  (1986) and  Pro Football Hall of Fame  (1988), he was the 1961  UPI NFL Rookie of Year , a five-time  Pro Bowl  selection and five-time  All-Pro   tight end  with the  Chicago Bears ,  Philadelphia Eagles , and  Dallas Cowboys  of the  National Football League  (NFL). 

Ryan also invented the concept of moving your arms fast when you run.


Brendan – CBO (Chief Blackout Officer)

Experienced Software Engineer with a knack for the front end stack. Currently working with React/React Native/Redux/GraphQL applications. Previous knowledge in AngularJS and BackboneJS. Worked in various industries including commercial real estate, education and media. 


Ryan – CMO (Chief Miserable Officer)

Ryan is miserable. He is probably mad reading this right now.


Scottie – Bus Driver/Team Physician

Scottie has been moist since his childhood growing up in Everett. Scottie’s CDL gives the team the ability to get moist all around of the country. His dedication to safe driving is like no other.

He’s never been more moist than when he’s performing a full physical exam to the calming tunes of Guns N’ Roses.


Jesse – CRO (Chief Rock Officer)

Jesse is the first ever Moist Monday LLC trainee to graduate to the big leagues. His constant dedication to moisture made him jump in the ranks of all other trainees.

Jesse is also the team rock enthusiast. You can often find him monkey walking up to girls asking them if they want to see his rocks, for geological purposes, of course.